Vehicle Insurance

motor insurance

Malaysia Plans is one of the pioneers of general insurance providers in Malaysia. Our company will showcase the best motor car and other vehicle insurance plans for you to do a comparison check for the best motor car insurance. We would also provide you with the option to customized to cater to your personal or commercial requirements. We also provide you with quality consultation services.

The firm has a history dating back forty years and at present has over forty employees working hand in hand with AXA. We aspire to provide the best possible service to all our customers; we will be with you, guiding you through troublesome times.

Each day is filled with risks. Hence, possessing an insurance is essential as it minimizes the impact such an unforeseen event would make on you financially. Obtaining an insurance cover from a reputed institution would ensure that you would circumvent such adversities without any harm.

AXA has distinguished them from other insurance providers internationally by providing their customers with innovative and characteristic insurance packages. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur or any region of Malaysia, you would be given all the services which will ensure your protection and safety during your day to day chores. Besides the premium level benefits provided, the company has also established a reputation a firm which treasures transparency when handling with customers.

Car Insurance Scheme

The premium insurance services provided by us would ensure that your motor vehicle is protected. If any adverse event occurs to you or to your possessions, you will be reimbursed immediately for the losses incurred. Via this you would be provided peace of mind because you are well aware that you have been protected and no loss can occur.