Vehicle Insurance

motor insurance

Malaysia Plans is an insurance company that provides one of the best insurance services in Malaysia. The company offers various insurance schemes with different levels of protection, which allows its customers to choose the one that best suits their need. Generally, we provide our customers with the most comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage. We can help you to adjust your plans in accordance with your commercial and personal requirements. Moreover, our consultation facilities are one of a kind.

We have been offering insurance services for 40 years with more than 40 employees, and we also partner with AXA to provide best quality services to our clients. The company’s motivation is to occupy the top spot in the business by satisfying its clients with first-class services. We are here to support you during your times of hardship.

There is no doubt that everyone is exposed to risks each day. As a result, it is important that you protect yourself against such risks to minimize their impact on your finance. You can avoid these sad scenarios by procuring an insurance plan.

AXA considers Malaysia Plans to be one of the best international insurance providers with exceptional customer services. Regardless of your location in Malaysia, we provide full services to ensure the safety of your daily work activities. In addition to the exceptional protection services, the company is also known to be transparent in handling the claims of its customers.

Car Insurance Scheme

You can safeguard your automobile with our premium level insurance care. You have nothing to worry about because we will give you comprehensive protection and compensate you for any losses you incur when you or your car is affected by unforeseen circumstances.

What is Motor insurance?

According to the Road Transport Act which was implemented in 1987, all licensed vehicles moving on public roads must have a motor insurance. Cases of car theft, fire or any other accidental damage to your car, liabilities caused by damage to other people in the form of death or injury as well as damage to other people’s properties are all catered for in our motor insurance scheme.

Insurance Options

There are three levels of protection in our insurance scheme, and these include third party coverage involving theft and fire protection, comprehensive insurance coverage and, lastly, third party coverage which is our most basic insurance service.

Choose your coverage

The different levels of protection are briefly discussed below.

Comprehensive Vehicle Coverage

Under this policy, you will be compensated for losses or damages inflicted on your automobile due to the occurrence of accident. In particular, it provides coverage against secondary damages such as wear and tear, fire explosion, burglary and theft as well as accidental impact resulting from falling debris caused by unnatural convulsion. It also provides protection against damages or malicious acts that may occur when transiting between the mainland and the island of Penang regardless of the means of transport.