Vehicle Insurance

motor insurance

Malaysia Plans is amongst the most prominent general insurance establishments in Malaysia. Our company have parade a collection of  best motor car and other vehicle insurance schemes for your comparison and can be personalized to meet the requirement of its industrial and individual client plus the accurate consultative advice provided.

This firm has been in existence for over 40 years now, having 40 committed employees on board the team including partnership with AXA.  We endeavor to convey our top graded service for all customers; we are holding onto your hands and leading you along safe paths through all your journeys.

AXA has set itself apart from all other international insurers because of their unique protection package for their members. The company focuses on delivering quality and convenience for members. Whether you are within Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur or any other part of Malaysia, you are offered these services that preserves your safety and comfortability while carrying on with your life. Apart from the guaranteed access to the various premium benefits, the company’s has built reputation with respect to transparency in customer service.

Car Insurance Scheme

Our premium insurance schemes will protect your valuable motor vehicle. When any bad event occurs to you or your possessions, there will be an instant reimbursement to cover for your lost.  By this, tranquility is established in times of trouble because you know that we got you covered – there is no loss encountered.