Vehicle Insurance

motor insurance

Malaysia Plans is one of the best general insurance providers in the whole of Malaysia. We would offer you the most comprehensive coverage for your motor car and other vehicles, you can simply do a comparison check of the level of protection against a number of schemes we offer. We offer you the opportunity to tailor make your plans according to your personal or commercial requirements. We provided exceptional consultation facilities.

The company has a proud history dating back four decades and possess over 40 employees working in coordination with AXA. We motivate ourselves to be the best in the business, by providing the best service to the customer. We would be beside you, assisting you through your difficult times.

Every day is associated with risks. Therefore, it is imperative that you are protected by insurance as t reduces the burden of an unexpected scenario, which would drain you financially. Procuring an insurance plan would assist you to avoid such cases without any difficulties.

AXA has characterized them from other international insurance providers by serving the customers with novel and unique insurance solutions. It is irrespective of where you are, you could be in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur or anywhere else in Malaysia, you would receive the full services ensuring your safety in your day to day life work. Apart from the exceptional protection provided, the com[any has also developed a reputation as an institution which values transparency when handling customer claims.

Car Insurance Scheme

The premium level insurance care provided by our firm would safeguard your automobile. In the case of any unforeseen circumstances to either you or your valuable, you would be reimbursed at that moment for any losses you would have suffered. Through this, you would be at peace of mind as you know that you are protected comprehensively.

What is Motor insurance?

Motor insurance is made compulsory for all vehicles, which are licensed to be driven on public roads, following the Road Transport Act implemented in 1987. This plans provides coverage in the case of any accidental or fire damage sustained to your car, in the case of theft of your automobile, liabilities incurred due to damage to other individuals in the form of injury or death and finally damage to properties of other parties.


We offer three levels of protection ranging from comprehensive insurance overage, third party coverage inclusive of fire and theft protection and finally third party cover which is the basic most offering.

Check your coverage

A brief overview of the package is given below.

Comprehensive Vehicle Cover

The policy offers cover ages for any losses or damages incurred to your automobile in circumstance such as accidental impact or overturning of the car following accident. It provides coverage against the same as above occurring secondary to wear and tear. Protection is conferred in the case of an accidental impact as a result of falling debris but not due to convulsion of nature, in the case of fire explosion and lightning, theft and burglary. Insurance coverage extends to include malicious acts or damages occurring during transport between island of Penang and the mainland irrespective of the mode of transport.

There is no limit in the case of third party bodily injury or resultant death. There is a limitation of to a level of RM3 million in the case of third party loss or damage. Apart from these the other benefits included in the package under special premiums are windscreen protection, presence of special perils, Strike Riot and Civil Commotion (SRCC), Legal Liability of Passenger (LLP) and Additional Named Driver.