Premium Insurance Agent in Malaysia


Malaysia Plans is a top agent of general insurance. Malaysia Plans is composed of a team of dedicated and motivated employees whose knowledge has assisted the firm to reach greater heights. There are approximately forty employees, assigned to provide the best possible insurance coverage to the customer. Each and every plan available can be customized to suit your personal requirements and is well within everyone’s budget. We offer you the best possible insurance scheme, irrespective whether you are obtaining a personal plan or one for any of the various companies. Get in touch with us to obtain your free quotation and compare plans today. We would provide you with the other available options for comparison. Analyse the insurance plans offered by other leading providers across the globe for their unique traits such as swift claim processing and efficacious insurance services. We provide you with the premium insurance with the best possible coverage tailored to your needs.

General Insurance Plan Quotes

We offer you free insurance quotations and consultation services for customers either via telephone or our website. Once we have assessed you needs objectively we offer you the best possible package which is most suited to your personal needs.

HEALTH QUOTES EVALUATION: We asses each and every health quote and chose the most suited package to your personal budget and requirements.

POLICY: A very clear policy with no hidden or extra charges.

FREE SERVICE:  We provide consultations and services free of charge. Only a small premium would have to be paid once the policy is purchased.

COMPREHENSIVE COMPARISON: Once the consultation concludes, we would provide you with a set of general packages which share similarities to what you need and would permit you to select a scheme which is best suited to you.

International Health Insurance Benefits

The worldwide insurance scheme provides coverage in the areas of dental, psychiatric, ophthalmological and pharmaceuticals. You have the option to utilize the highest quality healthcare irrespective of your geographical location. This package is also suited very much for expatriates suffering from chronic disease. The clinical knowledge amongst our insurers is second to none.