Premium Insurance Agent in Malaysia


Malaysia Plans is a premier general insurance provider. The company is formed from a team of forty employees who combined managed to push the firm to the best. The team of forty individuals would provide you with all the necessary services you require. All of the plans offered are customizable as per your desires and is set at a price-point that provides top affordability to all – you could also compare the various plans. We provide you with the most comprehensive insurance coverage, irrespective of the modality of insurance you seek. Contact us to receive a quotation completely free and get to know about the various plans for your comparison.  We are among the most experienced insurance providing companies in Malaysia. Request a quote now!

General Insurance Plan Quotes

We provide you with insurance quotations and insurance consultations free of charge  via telephone or from our website. After analysing your requirements, we provide you with the most suited insurance package as per your requirements.

HEALTH QUOTES EVALUATION: We comprehensively analyse all the health quotes and select the most appropriate plan for your budget and insurance needs.

POLICY: A simple policy without any hidden costs.

FREE SERVICE:  We offer insurance consolations and other related service free to everyone. A small premium is incurred at the time of purchase of the insurance.

COMPREHENSIVE COMPARISON: After the conclusion of the consultation, we offer you with several general plans which are similar to your requirements and then allow you to choose what you think is best suited for you.

We provide our clients general insurance requirements from AXA. It is well suited for personal and organizational coverage and provides customized solutions for small to large scale businesses. The general insurance scheme offers coverage for health, property, travel, vehicle and company. Our aim is to ensure that you are adequately protected at all times of your life.

We would be beside you during all phases of your life ensuring you are protected with insurance coverage suited for that particular moment. We would be conferring you with protection when you are on the move, enjoying at home, driving, our plans would ensure that you and your belongings are protected at all times. Let us take care of your insurance needs permitting you to be at ease of mind.

It is important that you have insurance protection. Medical insurance is an investments made for any person with assets such as housing, land and vehicles. It is vital to procure a policy as you would run into hefty expenses unexpectedly which may adversely affect your financial situation.

International Health Insurance Benefits

The worldwide insurance plan offers protection for dental, psychiatric, eye and medication. You have the ability to take use of first class health care irrespective of where you are in the world. This package is well suited to expatriates with long term disease. Our insurers possess the best clinical expertise in the market.

Premium Health Coverage

We offer premium health insurance irrespective of your geographical location and status. This protection is augmented with excellent customer care ensuring that you are adequately protected throughout. Our main aim is to make you live a happier, longer and healthier lives. The plans offered by us offers you the ability to visit premium medical centres and are best suited to individuals who value professionalism, freedom and quality of service. There are frequent medical check-ups included in the plan. The wellness plan of our insurers provides you with the opportunity to seek regular medical care and dental consultations.

Medical Protection Quote

Get in touch with us today to obtain a free quote. We are a world renown insurance agency with over four decade of insurance expertise. We have a team of dedicated staff members. We ensure to offer you a simple claim process with exceptional customer assistance. Even if you are there to claim or seek assistance on what to do. For individuals living as expatriates, frequent travellers this is well suited to their needs. Obtain a quote today.

Affordability: The health plans offered by AXA are affordable and makes it accessible to people from all walks of life to purchase it.

Transparency: No extra and hidden costs. You can obtain your medical records at any time and witness how the insurance money is spent.

Simplicity: Convenient access to regular medical check-ups irrespective of where you are and is simple and easy to use. You shouldn’t worry about not being in the country or is frequently travelling, AXA would ensure that you are covered.