Premium Insurance Agent in Malaysia


Malaysia Plans is a top agent of general insurance. Malaysia Plans consist of a team of trustworthy and diligent employees who have offered their expertise for the success of this firm. We have a group of about 40 employees, set to expertly provide the best of insurance service to you. All our plans can be personalized and is very affordable. Whether for your business or yourself as an individual, we have just the best package for you. Contact us to get a free quote now for your! We will lay down some options for your comparison. Compare the policies of among the highly esteemed insurance companies worldwide, been recognized for numerous achievements in claims processing and efficient general insurance packages.  We offer very high quality and comprehensive general insurance to suit you properly.


General Insurance Plan Quotes

We provide free quotes and competent consultation for people, through phone calls or through our website. After careful objective evaluations of your needs, we offer the best insurance package that is well-suited to those requirements.

HEALTH QUOTES EVALUATION: We evaluate all health quotes and pick a package that meets your requirements and cost.

POLICY: Perfect clarity of policies and prices

FREE SERVICE: We offer fee consultation and services. But will need to pay a cheap premium after buying the insurance policy.

COMPREHENSIVE COMPARISON: After our consultations, we will present a comprehensive comparison of all general insurance packages close by, you will choose the best from the list provided that will be customized to suit you.


International Health Insurance Benefits

The worldwide insurance plans cover mental, dental, optical, and medicines. You can access the top medical services from wherever you are in the world. It is also suitable for expatriate and people with chronic illnesses. The clinical expertise and experience of  or insurers is incomparable.